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Quickmax eyelash conditioner

Quickmax eyelash conditioner

Quickmax eyelash conditioner is destined for all people, who would like to have longer and nice-looking eyelashes. It is especially recommended for women with short, weak, and falling out eyelashes. Unfortunately, underage, those who are suffering from severe diseases as well as breastfeeding and pregnant women cannot use Quickmax.

The applicator of the eyelash conditioner is nothing more than a thin brush. With the aid of it, a thin line of the cosmetic has to be distributed on upper and lower eyelash base. The liquid is absorbed promptly and does not run down into eyes. Important to realize, reapplication of the product several times per day or putting on great amounts of Quickmax will not influence or accelerate production of the forthcoming outcomes anyhow. On the other hand, what does affect working of the eyelash conditioner is precise make-up removal.

In a case, somebody is a contact lenses wearer, it is advised to take these off right before the application of Quickmax and reinsert the contacts after approximately 15 minutes.

Obviously, Quickamax influences condition of eyelashes. It significantly improves the level of hydration, regenerates eyelash’s inner structure, smooths, strengthens, and prevents the little hair of eyelids from falling out. On the other hand, neither eyelash extension nor density improvement is easy to notice. What is more, Quickamax does not darken the colour of eyelashes. Basically, the ultimate results will be observable after around six weeks of everyday application of the product. These in turn hold out as long as the cosmetic is applied.

Quickamax is closed in a little bottle of 5 ml capacity. Such an amount of the eyelash conditioner is enough for conducting approximately a seven-month treatment. (Everyday application, at bedtime, for the first three months. After that, the eyelash conditioner has to be put on every few days.)


  • strengthens, moisturizes and takes care of eyelashes
  • fast application
  • efficiency
  • package


  • does not extend eyelashes the way expected
  • effects hold out only if the eyelash conditioner applied