Most popular eyeash conditioners

Benefits and potential risks of eyelash conditioners.

Does the side effect-free, beauty product exist? We will try to elaborate on this issue on the example of eyelash conditioners.

Benefits of eyelash conditioners

The great feature of most of eyelash conditioners is the fact that they contain natural ingredients. Plant extracts improve the overall lash condition and nourish the lash follicle without causing any harm to sensitive eye skin area. The list of ingredients has been built accordingly to the purpose the particular eyelash conditioner should serve. Most of the products available on the market are safe and they can be used by people who wear contact lenses, and those who underwent chemotherapy.

Efficiency and quick results are the next benefits of using eyelash serums in contrast to using e.g. oils. Some producers guarantee that the first results are going to be visible after only two weeks of systematic use. The first month is the time when lashes are being nourished and hydrated. The lengthening and thickening of the lashes can normally be observed in the following weeks of the treatment.

The application of an eyelash conditioner should cause no problems. Most of the lash products have a liquid consistency and they need to be applied on the lash line with the help of a tiny, pointy brush. The other eyelash conditioners are provided with the mascara-like brush to coat lashes evenly starting from the lash roots towards their ends.

What is the potential risk of using the eyelash conditioner?

Although eyelash conditioners are rich in natural ingredients, there is a risk of not tolerating one of them. The allergy reaction is the common issue when it comes to lash products. The skin around eyes is very thin and sensitive. If we develop an allergic reaction on our wrist it will definitely won’t be as painful and irritation as the one that we have on the eye. To avoid any of those reverse effects it is advisable to do the tolerance test by putting a drop of the eyelash conditioner on the back of the wrist. In case there is any redness or itchiness, we know that it is not worth using it as our eye skin would react the same or worse.

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