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Eyelash conditioner DIY

Nothing gives more satisfaction that creating and making own beauty cosmetics. Making your own, personalized eyelash conditioner is not difficult. Relax and keep reading.

Ingredients needed

Good ingredients make eyelash conditioner effective. The word ‘good’ does not refer to expensive, high-end exotic fruit extract but to natural ones. Natural plant based ingredients help nourish lash follicles and moisturize lashes making them glossy, strong and long. The homemade eyelash conditioner are not as effective as the one we can buy as they do not contain minerals and they lack some essential vitamins, therefore the treatment ought to last longer. The eyelash life cycle lasts up to 150 days, which equals the time we should use our eyelash conditioner.

You can create the list of ingredients based on your preferences and needs. The most popular ones are castor oil which stimulates the lash follicle and increases the blood circulation. Using Castor oil may cause side effects, which is hair darkening. In this particular case, this effect would be highly desirable and nobody is going to complain about it. The next ingredients that ought be used is the  Aloe Vera extract (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory), Coconut Oil (penetrate to lash and provides it with deep hydration), Almond Oil (makes lashes glossy and smooth), Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, vitamin E ( speeds up the lash growth and  it can be bought in liquid form).


Oils should be mixed up with a tiny amount of Petroleum for the denser consistency so that the eyelash conditioner can hold to lashes better. You should mix all ingredients very carefully and pour the mixture into the small bottle. Recycling your old mascara tube and brush may be a great idea. Make sure that you clean all the tools with hot water and soap before reusing them. Homemade eyelash conditioners do not contain any preservatives; therefore, it is important to maintain the highest hygienic standards when using and storing it. Oils may break down in a few months’ time so you should use your eyelash conditioner for no longer than 3 months. Keep the tube tightly closed in a dark, cold place. Keep it away from children, unless you want to tidy up the potential mess.

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