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Mavala Eye-lite Double Lash

Mavala Eye-lite Double Lash

This is the eyelash conditioner that adds volume to lashes, but it does very poorly when it comes to their lengthening. Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash comes in a white plastic bottle containing 10 ml of the eyelash conditioner. Unlike other eyelash conditioners, Mavala has a mascara like brush and it nourishes only the lashes themselves without doing any work on lash follicles.

It has a gel consistency and it leaves lashes stiff just like the clear mascara does.

The producer recommends using Mavala once a day, and it does not matter whether it is morning or the bedtime. If the product is used systematically for at least two months, lashes become stronger and thicker. No lash lengthening properties have been observed. Although it does not work as good as other eyelash conditioners, customers with lash extensions do love this product.

Many women who have synthetic lashes glued are forbidden to use any mascara. Unfortunately, it often happens that lashes are in a mess and they need to be combed through and set in the desired position. Mavala is the product that can set everything in place and then be absorbed without leaving white residue on them. What’s more, it can bought in any pharmacy and it costs no more than £10.

It makes lashes thicker
Lashes stronger and healthier
Easy to use
Available anywhere

No adding length
No lash darkening
Tacky packaging