Most popular eyeash conditioners

Eyelash conditioner recipe

In order to create your own, unique eyelash conditioner you will need one teaspoon of castor oil, one teaspoon of aloe Vera extract or the Almond Oil and two capsules of E vitamin.
Mix all the ingredients in a glass cup and a teaspoon of liquid coconut oil. Under the cold temperature, coconut oil can transform from liquid substance to the solid one, which will give the whole solution required consistency. The solution ought to be applied every evening directly on the lash line with the use of a small brush, spatula, or fingertips. You can also cover the length of lashes with it, as it will additionally strengthen lashes and add a nice shine to them.

Before using the eyelash conditioner

Before you decide to buy an eyelash conditioner, check the ingredient list. The most effective and side effects-free are those product which do not contain synthetic components in them. If the eyelash conditioner formula is based on natural mineral and plant-based ingredients, you can be assured that, it is going to be both safe and effective.
Next, prioritize your needs and expectations. Do you want your lashes to be incredibly long or you just want them to look healthier? Very few eyelash conditioners can satisfy all customers’ needs. Before proper research, you may not be lucky enough to buy the right product for you.

While you are using the eyelash conditioner

In order to get the results you want you need to follow the producer’s advice. Each good eyelash conditioner ought to have a leaflet with all the instructions needed. It should enumerate any possible side effects and precautions. Make sure that you read that first before heading to your bathroom mirror.
The optimal effect will be visible only after finishing the whole treatment.
Always apply the eyelash conditioner on a clean, dry skin. You should restrain yourself from using the eye cream while you use the serum as the greasy film may prevent the serum form penetrating into the lash follicles.

When the eyelash conditioner treatment is finished

When the recommended treatment time is up, do not forget to use the serum a couple of days a week so that you maintain the same effects over longer period. Twice a week seems like a reasonable dosage to keep your lashes in shape.

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