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Lilash Eyelash Conditioner

Lilash Eyelash Conditioner

The next eyelash conditioner worth mentioning is LiLash. The results of the treatment can be noticed after only five weeks. If used systematically, lashes are stronger and they do not fall out that often as before. Undoubtedly, the lash life phase is extended and thanks to this, eyelashes appear fuller and denser. Most of the users have observed a slight difference in lash length. There difference is not as profound but still noticeable.

Lilash has a tiny, pointy brush that takes the right amount of product and which distributes it on the lash line with one, quick swipe.

The Lilash packaging looks adorable and it is sealed for hygienic purposes. Although the producer assures us that the treatment lasts only 3 months the most, it is better to use it longer so the the lash roots are properly nourished and they can produce healthy lashes for another months to come. LiLash is one of the most expensive eyelash conditioners and it is available online only. There are a few side effects, which may occur when using LiLash, the most common are: redness, itchiness, slight burning sensation on the lid. If any of these adverse effects occur, stop using the product immediately and rinse your eyes with plenty of water.

Makes lashes thicker
Lashes slightly longer than before the treatment
Lashes nourished and healthy looking
Nice packaging
Easy and quick application

May cause side effects
No major lash lengthening