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Lashcode Eyelash Conditioner

Lashcode Eyelash Conditioner

Lashcode is rated really high for the great results appearing fast, easy use and a long-lasting tube (holding 5 ml!).

Eyelash conditioner from Lashcode activates lashes to grow, lengthening and thickening them but also making their colour deeper. Thanks to natural and strongly-nourishing ingredients, it brilliantly repairs even the weakest lashes. People whose lashes were short and sparse noticed great results and improvement: their lashes have gained length, volume and perfect health.

The application of Lashcode is problem-free and you will get used to it very fast. It is applied on the eyelash line, making sure the eyelid skin is clean, dry and free of any make-up residue. It can be used on the upper and lower lash line. You do it every evening for two months. Once you spot the difference and desired length and fullness, you can use it just twice a week to keep the gorgeous look.

Lashcode conditioner is based on some brilliant ingredients stimulating lashes to grow. The formula features natural plant extracts that intensify the growth and improve the condition of lash hair. It is gentle on the eyes and doesn’t cause any irritations or discomfort.

The Lashcode tube is very nice, durable and long-lasting.

This product is available at www.lashcode.co.uk

Strengthens lash follicles
Extends, thickens, darkens the lashes
Has an intensive nourishing effect
Is easy to use
Gives fast results
Has natural and rich formula
Doesn’t cause allergic reactions or irritations
Comes in a big tube

You need to get the hang of the application