Most popular eyeash conditioners

Hairplus eyelash conditioner

Hairplus eyelash conditioner

Hairplus is our runner-up. This eyelash conditioner is able to extend lashes and generally makes them much stronger. It is due to the composition that comprises of natural substances. The irritation-free ingredients stimulate blood circulation of eyelash follicles, which in turn, results in better nourishing substances absorption.

And this is how Hairplus eyelash conditioner fuels eyelashes to grow. What is more, nourished eyelashes become also moisturized and a little bit curled. Due to this curl, eyes look as if they were bigger and opened wider. Another positive side of Hairplus eyelash conditioner is its manner of application. All we have to do is take the applicator and draw an imaginative line right on the place where eyelashes meet the eyelid.

As a matter of fact, Hairplus does not run down into eyes, if application conducted accurately.

While reading all the descriptions concerning Hairplus, the producer ensures that the eyelash conditioner is able to lengthen, improve density and thickness of eyelashes to the maximum. The truth is, Hairplus does not produce all the outcomes promised. It does extend lashes and thicken these, nevertheless, the effects cannot be perceived as profound. As a consequence, we can say that Hairplus eyelash conditioner fulfils its tasks but not as much as claimed by the producer.


  • It extends and strengthens eyelashes
  • It provides slight curl and moisturization
  • Natural composition
  • Is applied fast


  • It does not fulfil its tasks completely
  • It does not produce 100% effects