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FEG eyelash conditioner

FEG eyelash conditioner

FEG eyelash conditioner is closed in a bottle containing 3 ml of the product. The package is made of ordinary plastic, therefore neither it looks aesthetically nor solid. The applicator attached to the product has a form of a pointy-ended and precise brush.

FEG is recommended for people who would like to have longer, thicker, and prettier eyelashes. Thanks to natural ingredients such as cucumber, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds and green tea extracts, the eyelash conditioner is able to take care of eyelashes (strengthens and nourishes) as well as eyelids (smooths and highlights skin) as well as relieves irritations that may develop throughout the course of the treatment. Point worth mentioning, both men and women can use FEG eyelash conditioner since there are no significant differences in eyelashes structure or appearance that may be defined by sex.

For that reason, the product works the same way regardless gender of a consumer.

Application of FEG should be proceeded with hands cleaning, make-up removal and taking off contact lenses if worn, of course. Using the brush provided to the product, a user has to draw a thin line on upper and lower eyelash base. Despite its watery consistency, the product is absorbed quickly and does not run down into eyes. Important to realize, people suffering from sensitive skin around eyes, as well as those who are under a dermatologist or an optician attention, may experience a kind of a tingling sensation at the beginning of the treatment. The upcoming stages of the treatment may be affected with stinging sensation, redness, or even skin dryness. Worth pointing out, pregnant women, breastfeeding ones as well as people who have not reach maturity yet should not benefit from FEG.

The first effects of FEG treatment are generated after around a month of everyday application, whereas, the final outcomes are obtained approximately after four complete months. Then, eyelashes are strengthened, moisturized, and prettier. When it comes to eyelash extension, thickening or darkening these features are not so obvious to be noticed. In fact, eyelashes changes their length and thickness but only slightly. The effects of the treatment hold up around six weeks. After that, the little hair of eyelids’ tend to return to its pre-treatment condition.


  • Precise application
  • Strengthening and nourishment of eyelashes
  • Recommended also for men
  • Takes care of around eye skin area
  • Natural ingredients


  • Irritates sensitive skin
  • Insufficient eyelash extension
  • Price
  • Package