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Xlash Pro eyelash conditioner

Xlash Pro eyelash conditioner

Xlash Pro eyelash conditioner is recommended for women who have got short, weak and thin eyelashes. Basically, the product can be applied on eyebrows as well. Its composition is selected in such a way, to stimulate growth of eyelashes in both dimensions: the length and the width.

The first effects of Xlash Pro eyelash conditioner treatment are noticeable after a few weeks since the moment of first application. Nevertheless, the final outcomes are achieved no sooner than after five months of everyday application. Up to this point, eyelashes are supposed to become stronger, regenerated and the moisturization level in eyelashes’ structure significantly renewed. What is more, Xlash Pro influences also eyelashes’ length, thickness, and elasticity.

Unluckily, the eyelash conditioner does not contain any colour darkening properties.

Unfortunately, effects obtained throughout the complete course of Xlash Pro treatment do not last long because these disappear after two months since the last application. Moreover, during make-up removal, single eyelashes tend to fall out regardless the method of its performance – whether eyes are rubbed with a cotton pad or let the make-up relocate from eyes onto the wad of cotton wool itself by just holding a cotton pad pressed to eyelids.

The main rule of Xlash Pro application is to conduct it every evening. It is crucial to be systematic in order to achieve desired results. With the use of the brush provided, Xlash Pro has to be distributed on upper eyelash base only. While sleeping, the eyelash conditioner is supposed to reach lower eyelash base to help each eyelash grow and get nourished equally. Another thing to point out, Xlash Pro eyelash conditioner is fast to get absorbed and does not leave wet marks on eyelids.

When the treatment is about to end, some consumers may happen to notice slightly reddened skin of eyelids and dried-out eyelash conditioner’s mark formed along eyelash base line. Luckily enough, after some period of time, the discomforts vanish. Worth realizing, such irritations can be counteracted. For example, redness of eyelids can be eliminated by applying eyebright compresses. When it comes to dried-out Xlash Pro mark, it can be cleansed away by using a regular make-up removing lotion.


  • Extends and strengthens eyelashes
  • Effortless application
  • Recommended for everyone


  • Outcomes wear off quickly
  • May irritate
  • May cause eyelash falling-out