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Talika Lipocils eyelash conditioner

Talika Lipocils eyelash conditioner

Talika Lipocils eyelash conditioner is closed in a little bottle that can be bought in two versions: 4,2 ml and 10 ml. The bottle containing 4,2 ml of the cosmetic holds out for about six-month treatment, whereas the bigger one covers a yearlong treatment. Naturally, the price of the product increases accordingly to the capacity.

The goal of Talika Lipocils eyelash conditioner’s is to take care of eyelashes as well as extend, thicken and improve density of these. The first results should be achieved after around a month of the product application and the ultimate result is visible at the end of the treatment. When the desired effects are obtained, Talika Lipocils eyelash conditioner should be applied a few times per week.

How to perform application of Talika Lipocils eyelash conditioner?

Quite surprisingly, in order to put on the product, one has to use a brush that is similar to the one attached to a mascara. The cosmetic has to be distributed by sliding the mascara-like brush, starting from the eyelash base, and ending on the very tips of these. Point to mention, the tip of the applicator tends to gather too excessive amounts of the product, which as a consequence, clumps eyelashes together as well as leaves white stains on them.

The truth is, Talika Lipocils eyelash conditioner does extend and improve density of eyelashes but only marginally. What is more, the colour of eyelashes is not even a tone darkened. On the positive side, the cosmetic is able to moisturize as well as make eyelashes slightly curled and glossy. The curl is provided thanks to the above-mentioned applicator. Furthermore, Talika Lipocils eyelash conditioner strengthens, regenerates, nourishes, and takes care of eyelashes.

Another advantage of the product is its composition that contains several natural ingredients. To demonstrate, such natural substances are, among others, apple extract, allatoine, nettle as well as healing, relieving and anti-inflammatory substances.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Strengthens and takes care of eyelashes
  • Capacity
  • Efficiency


  • Insufficient eyelash extension
  • Clumps eyelashes together
  • Have to wait long for obtaining effects
  • Applicator