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Revitalash Eyelash Enhancing Conditioner

Revitalash Eyelash Enhancing Conditioner

Revitalash is the runner-up. The three-month treatment gave positive results and the product has been acknowledged and appreciated for simple and pleasurable application. Although the producer claims that lashes are going to be amazingly long after using the serum for as little as 4 weeks, tests have shown that Revitalash works best if used for 12 weeks or longer. After this time, lashes are longer and healthier. It is a good eyelash conditioner for those who have thick but short lashes, as Revitalash does not make lashes grow thicker that much.

After the first month of systematic use, lashes have become stronger and shiner.
We apply Revitalash the same way we use Nanolash. It also has a small, pointy brush that distributes the liquid formula on the lash line. The producer recommends using Reviatalsh only once a day on the upper lash line. Although Revitalash is packed with natural ingredients (green tea, wheat extract, calendula ginseng), it may cause some minor side effects. Some testers admitted that Revitalash caused skin redness and itchiness that disappeared after a few days into the treatment. The Revitalash package has an interesting design and overall it looks classy and elegant.

Lashes strengthened and longer
It regenerates the lash structure so it appears healthier
Natural ingredients
Easy application
Nice packaging

Can cause minor adverse effects
No lash darkening