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M2 Lashes Eyelash Conditioner

M2 Lashes Eyelash Conditioner

This is the product that is almost at the bottom of the comparison chart not because it is ineffective, quite contrary. M2Lashes work great making lashes thick and shiny. The problem occurs when the treatment is over and eyelash roots stop receiving nourishment. After two weeks after the treatment discontinuation, lashes start to shed and they come back to their original density and length.

The eyelash conditioner lasts for 2 months and the whole treatment ought to be at least 3 months.

The majority of our respondents confirmed that lashes are much denser and stronger after 8 weeks of systematic use. M2Lashes has a small applicator that distributes the eyelash conditioner on the lash line evenly. The serum is rich in medicated MD ingredient, which promotes accelerated lash growth. The downside to this eyelash conditioner is that the moment you stop supplying lashes with this patented component, they simply start to fall out very quickly. Additionally, M2Lashes holds the moisture inside lashes and make them less prone to breakage and more elastic. Although M2Lashes is an effective eyelash conditioner, the results are not long lasting.

Makes lashes longer and visibly thicker
It prolongs the lash life phase
Seals moisture and makes lashes more elastic
Nice packaging

Cost £79
Lashes fall out quickly after M2Lashes treatment discontinuation
Side effects including eye redness
Available only online