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Eyelash Conditioner Lashfood

Eyelash Conditioner Lashfood

LashFood is the natural eyelash conditioner, which contains vitamins and proteins. It is feeding nutrients to lashes making them grow strong and thick. The LashFood treatment should last 3-4 months and it needs to be repeated if you would like to maintain the effects. TheĀ  LashFood Company in well known in the USA and it sells many other products for lash and brow care. After the first month we can see that lashes are thicker and and glossy.

If the treatment is carried on, eyelashes become slightly longer.

Results most of the volunteers have achieved are not as great as when treated with Nanolash or Revitalash, but still LashFood volumized lashes and thanks to its natural ingredients it can be recommended to anybody with sensitive skin. All LashFood product are quite expensive and they can be purchased online only. The company advertised itself for not using animals in their clinical tests and for using only natural ingredients in its products.

No side effects
Lashes thicker and healthier
Elegant package
Slight lash lengthening

Needs to be shipped from US